HandMade Theatre

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We deliver creative projects to support and inspire communities and strive to create engaging, inclusive and exciting work for all!

Mural projects draw together our experience in creating visual drama and storytelling. They are always a collaboration between commissioners, the public and a team of professional artists.

Nottingham Hospital Trusts: NHS 75

A commission for 3 murals, linking 3 Nottingham hospital sites. The concept was based on windows and celebrated the diverse people working and visiting the hospitals. Everything featured in the the 3 murals are representations of real people and places and gathered through a process of consultation. 

Ropewalk House, May 2023

Queens Medical Centre, June 2023

City Hospital, July 2023

Theatre Royal, Nottingham, 2022/23

A commission to create a mural which brings to life an online archive celebrating 150 years of the Theatre Royal. The piece features props, costumes, posters and artefacts, with ideas and stories gathered from audiences, a community archive team and staff members. 

Burton Road Park Pavilion, 2020

Commissioned by Gedling Borough Council. The creative team worked with friends of the park, local schools, Scouts and a youth group to inspire the design, through a process of creative workshops.

Arnot Hill Park Centenary Mural, 2019

Commissioned by Gedling Borough Council and City Arts. Designed and created in collaboration with young people from the Express Yourself programme.  The piece was inspired by the parks 100 year history, Member of the community were encouraged to make their mark using stamps inspired by the seasons.



Play and creativity support healthy minds and bodies across all ages and abilities. They can build confidence, relieve stress and help solve problems.

Via our work with children and adults, we have brought laughter, joy and healing to a diverse range of audiences. From older people with dementia, to women who have experienced domestic abuse, to children of all levels of education ability, our workshops, projects and performances have provided them with an opportunity to leave their daily lives and travel with their imaginations to new and exciting places.

'Fantastic imagination a great way to re-think engagement in learning' Creative Schools Conference Delegate

The many benefits of play and creativity include:

  • Healthy intellectual, emotional and social development in children and young people.
  • Easier absorption of information, enabling the learning process and alternative ways of thinking.
  • The creation of empathy, problem-solving and communication skills
  • The unblocking of old patterns of habits of thinking
  • The nurturing of our confidence, curiosity and connections with others.
  • The ability to express ideas, thoughts and visions about the world.

They are also really good fun!