HandMade Theatre

Unique, sustainable, engaging work with people at its heart.


If you’re looking for highly visual, tactile and interactive performances that are lots of fun, you’ve come to the right place

All our work is immersive, interactive and interdisciplinary. Every show involves a fantastic mix of songs, stories, props, puppets, drama and adventure. Audiences are encouraged to become active participants, engaging in songs and activities. Whether you’re age 1 or 100, our shows are suitable for everyone, including those with special needs

‘Wonderful show, even the “adult” enjoyed so much, thank you for the amazing show!’ Parent

Our unique performances are developed in collaboration with audiences, venues and schools, and can be presented in both indoor and outdoor environments. Our talented team of artists, musicians and performers regularly tour to a range of venues, schools and festivals in the Midlands and around the country.

To find out more and to book us, email: Suzy@HandMadeTheatre.co.uk

‘Absolutely - one of the best shows we have seen’  Parent