HandMade Theatre

Unique, sustainable, engaging work with people at its heart.


Play and creativity support healthy minds and bodies across all ages and abilities. They can build confidence, relieve stress and help solve problems.

Via our work with children and adults, we have brought laughter, joy and healing to a diverse range of audiences. From older people with dementia, to women who have experienced domestic abuse, to children of all levels of education ability, our workshops, projects and performances have provided them with an opportunity to leave their daily lives and travel with their imaginations to new and exciting places.

'Fantastic imagination a great way to re-think engagement in learning' Creative Schools Conference Delegate

The many benefits of play and creativity include:

  • Healthy intellectual, emotional and social development in children and young people.
  • Easier absorption of information, enabling the learning process and alternative ways of thinking.
  • The creation of empathy, problem-solving and communication skills
  • The unblocking of old patterns of habits of thinking
  • The nurturing of our confidence, curiosity and connections with others.
  • The ability to express ideas, thoughts and visions about the world.

They are also really good fun!