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Women's Aid


Women's Aid

HandMade Theatre believe in the power of play and creativity to engage and heal. We work to support those who can benefit from arts therapy approaches. 

Our experienced artists work closely with Juno Women’s Aid to create bespoke workshops and opportunities for women and children to engage in arts and music.
After fleeing domestic abuse and experiencing trauma these families desperately need activities that can help to bring them together, build confidence and give them the chance to play.

Through this important work HandMade Theatre strive for more access to the arts for vulnerable communities, especially those from BAMER (Black, Asian, Minority Ethnic, Refugee) backgrounds who have fled abuse. We are aware that these communities are extremely vulnerable so work to ensure they have a voice through the arts.

Background: In 2018 Suzy took on a role as children's worker at a Women's refuge. She began working with families fleeing domestic abuse, seeing a real need for the use of play therapy when working with young people who had experienced trauma.  Suzy became inspired to build creative projects in this area through HandMade Theatre and has been working with organisations such as THRCH (The Theatre Royal Concert Hall) and the RSC (Royal Shakespeare Company) to bring projects to those who need a voice..  She leads on all Women's Aid projects and provides specialist training to our artists. 

Current Projects: Our current delivery project is in collaboration with a Juno Women’s Aid supporting survivors of domestic abuse. We see creative activities as a way to bring the women together, explore their aims and wishes for the future and give Children an outlet for their experiences.

Giving a voice to these communities is vital for them to find a way forward and a new norm, it engages families in play together, allows women to strengthen friendships and builds confidence.

We hope to break down barriers for these families accessing creativity and challenge other organisations to do the same.

Support: Our current work is supported by The National Lottery Community Fund and The Ragdoll Foundation. 

Please support the long term continuation of this work through a personal donation. Your money however small can make a real difference. 

For more information please email Hello@HandMadeTheatre.co.uk



Play and creativity support healthy minds and bodies across all ages and abilities. They can build confidence, relieve stress and help solve problems.

Via our work with children and adults, we have brought laughter, joy and healing to a diverse range of audiences. From older people with dementia, to women who have experienced domestic abuse, to children of all levels of education ability, our workshops, projects and performances have provided them with an opportunity to leave their daily lives and travel with their imaginations to new and exciting places.

'Fantastic imagination a great way to re-think engagement in learning' Creative Schools Conference Delegate

The many benefits of play and creativity include:

  • Healthy intellectual, emotional and social development in children and young people.
  • Easier absorption of information, enabling the learning process and alternative ways of thinking.
  • The creation of empathy, problem-solving and communication skills
  • The unblocking of old patterns of habits of thinking
  • The nurturing of our confidence, curiosity and connections with others.
  • The ability to express ideas, thoughts and visions about the world.

They are also really good fun!