HandMade Theatre

Unique, sustainable, engaging work with people at its heart.


What We Do...


We use live performances to tell unique stories and bring experiences of wonder to families across the UK.

We are deliberately small scale and self-sufficient to ensure we can easily perform anywhere, indoors and out. Anything from a school hall, community park, nature reserve to a theatre venue or large festival, we even bring our own seating. We believe that this ability to perform anywhere encourages access to theatre for anyone.

Our touring work is designed for family audiences and although it is often steered towards children, we try to make our performances a truly interactive and engaging experience for the whole family to enjoy together.

To book email: Suzy@handmadetheatre.co.uk

‘Top of the charts when it comes to family theatre’ Leftlion Magazine, 2016

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Summer Tour 2022


7th July - Woodlands Meed School

16th July - Light Up Festival

23rd & 24th July - Splendour Festival, Nottingham

28th – 30th - Belladrum Festival

6th August - The Lowry, Manchester

12th August - Netherfield Park

13th & 14th - Gloworm Festival

22nd - Chelmsford for You, Green City

30th - First Art Forest School, Mansfield

31st - Cornerstone Arts Centre at The Beacon

The Cooks on tour

23rd August - Chelmsford for You, Green City

26th-28th August - Camper Calling Festival

Puppet Busking @ City Arts Hoopla Festival

10th August - Bulwell Forest Gardens, Nottingham

12th August – King Edwards Park, St Anns, Nottingham

17th August - Forest Recreation Ground, Nottingham

19th August - Melbourne Park, Nottingham

For event information visit our Facebook Page.