HandMade Theatre

Unique, sustainable, engaging work with people at its heart.


What We Do...

We make beautiful handcrafted objects from sustainable sources. 

We love creating puppets, sets and props for our own productions, all of which are carefully handcrafted from tactile materials. Everything is carefully created as a one off piece of art and designed to be used and reused for multiple shows and projects.  

These objects are made to last and we encourage our audiences to touch and feel the artefacts whenever possible. We work with top crafts people including specialist puppet makers, wood workers and print makers. 


We love sharing this work and are able to take on bespoke commissions to create a little bit of the HandMade style especially for your event, project or show. 

Contact us with your idea: hello@HandMadeTheatre.co.uk

Hoppity the Hare commissioned for The Dophin School


Our merchandise is carefully handcrafted by our own talented team or by local artists.  We believe in supporting local artisans and offering something a bit special. Each item is unique and a great way to remember your live HandMade experience or to buy as a gift. You can buy a range of merchandise at any of our live shows and look out for our very own Etsy store coming soon.