We are... Sustainable

At HandMade Theatre we believe that it is our responsibility to lead the way in low carbon, sustainable theatre.

We are a company dedicated to sustainable practise as part of our core values. This includes using sustainable materials as much as possible, handcrafting beautiful sets and puppets that have a long life and are used and reused for multiple tours, shows and projects.

We work in collaboration with master craftsman Ben Thomas to craft sets which are made using sustainable materials and methods, this includes coppicing much of the timber from his own woodland. Sets are usually built at a community workshop run by START Creative in Salford, a charity supporting adults with mental health issues. The products are made using a blend of traditional skills with modern techniques and equipment. Our projects provide an exciting challenge for the centre users and means we are reinvesting our own funding within the charity sector. 

A few other things we try to do:

  • Puppets are made from found objects or recycled materials, 
  • Costumes are largely purchased from charity shops and usually re-used.
  • All our sets follow a similar aesthetic so elements can be re-used for multiple shows and projects
  • All set is handcrafted and designed to last. (Some of our stools have toured for 10 years)
  • Where possible we limit our team on tour and carefully consider the number of journeys and vehicles used. 
  • We use recycled paper for any print produced.
  • We work with local artists to create handcrafted merchandise using sustainable materials.
  • We use scrap stores to resource practical workshops. 

We are members of the Society of British Theatre Design sustainability working group. 

We have made our pledge to support the work of EcoStage.