We are... Inclusive

At HandMade Theatre, we believe everyone has a right to experience theatre and art. 

Our shows and sets are created to be able to be performed anywhere, meaning theatre can be made accessible for everyone.

We are an inclusive company and support diversity and accessibility in all that we do. We actively encourage working with people from all walks of life and embrace the richness of inspiration, empathy and understanding this brings.

We take inspiration from our surroundings and enjoy playing with unusual spaces, creating immersive environments that can transform both outside and inside places.

As artists we are guided by a fundamental belief in the benefits of art and culture. With links to therapy approaches, we take pride in our ability to access some of the hardest to reach individuals including those with SEND.

We believe the best ideas come through collaboration and participation – therefore we facilitate every event to be unique, tailored by those of any age, gender or race who join us in play.